Meetings & Contact

We believe meetings are key to recovery and gaining sobriety. Our fellowship is mixed, consisting of men and women from all races and religions. There are meetings in every week.

Meetings are 1 hour long. You must be at least 18 years old to attend.

  • Sun @ 6:30PM (1 Hour) – Encourage new comers to attending the meeting
  • Wed @ 6:30PM (1 Hour) – Encourage new comers to  attending the meeting
* Note: All meetings are closed

What does “closed” mean?

“Closed” meetings are for those seeking their own personal recovery from sex addiction by working the Twelve Step program of SA. We welcome traveling members of SA to attend our meeting. For those wanting to attend a meeting as a newcomer, our local group asks that you email or phone our SA Fellowship in (points of contact–phone and email) and speak with a member who has sobriety in SA before attending a meeting.

If you’d like to find out more details about our fellowship, including meeting locations, please email us at  
If you prefer to call the hotline, and speak with someone, you may leave a voice-mail @ 780-988-4411.